I’ll be performing Friday August 23rd at the 24 hours of peace 2013 event. August 23rd & August 24th Clinton & Treacy ave Newark N.J. All Star line up and local acts. Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Poetry, Step Crews, Community Organizations and more. Hosted By Hakim Green, Savion Glover & Tonya Champagne.

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Mad respect to #Ilivehiphop for postin my Rza drawing on their page

#Dope #Rza grafic! Gotta love all elements of this HipHopCulture!! #Art #Culture #life #Graffiti #streetart


Mad respect to #Ilivehiphop for postin my Rza drawing on their page

#Dope #Rza grafic! Gotta love all elements of this HipHopCulture!! #Art #Culture #life #Graffiti #streetart

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Any book I’m currently reading!

Tragedy tha Beast is an aspiring MC from Chicago, Illinois with a sound and style all his own. When it comes to Chicago rappers, the mainstream would like you to believe that there are only two options. You either get the wild Cheif Keefers or the Lupe backpackers. Tragedy style on the other hand can’t be so easily defined on one end of the scale or the other.  His music goes hard enough to turn up any scene in any hood yet he remains real and drops  jewels that stimulate your mind that let you know, he’s’ no fool! There are VERY few rappers (dead, alive, mainstream or otherwise) who can pull this off.  I gotta say, since Cheif Keef been out, I’ve lost a little bit of faith in the Chi but when I here Chicago artist like Don Perrion and now Tragedy tha Beast I’m reminded that it’s them and not the Keefs who TRULY represent the REAL voices of  ChiTown!

Manifest Destiny is the second offering from Tragedy tha Beast’s upcoming free album, The Manifestation LP, scheduled for release August 27th. This song not only serves as the intro for his aforementioned album, but it also serves as a legitimate claim of him becoming one of Chicago’s best, yet disregarded, Hip Hop artist and making his dreams of being respected for his craft on a broader scale a reality. With a few glimpses into his mind and personal life, Manifest Destiny also offers listeners a look at where tha Beast plans on taking his craft… to heights unknown. Manifest Destiny is produced by up and coming Chicago producer Genius Picaso.

Follow Tragedy tha Beast Twitter: twitter.com/TragedythaBeast

Follow Genius Picaso on Twitter: twitter.com/Genius_Picaso

Mixed and Engineered By Chris Classick for Classick Studios.
Follow Chris Classick and Classick Studios on Twitter: twitter.com/chrisclassick & twitter.com/ClassickStudios

Pharoahe Monch - “Stand Your Ground” (by WARMediaMusic)

Pharoahe Monch releases this rough version of “Stand Your Ground” in light of the George Zimmerman verdict.

Originally intended for the upcoming PTSD album, Pharoahe chose instead to release the track early and encourage people to “Get Involved”.

(Source: outabodixp.com)

In case you haven’t heard! On July 15th The Locksmiths dropped their latest mixtape,  Life In A Sa’real World hosted by the UK’s very own Dj Ames!!!
This mixtape has 14 tracks featuring production from No1special, Froback, Ty beatz, Zush, Zano beats, Kriss breeze and vocals from Genesis Elijah and Skarlett.
This mixtape definitely goes hard but don’t take my word for it. Get your free download here by clicking the pic or the link below and hear for yourself:

===>DOWNLOAD The_Locksmiths_-_A_Sa’Real_World_Hosted_By_DJ_Ames.zip<===


Check out the official music video for “Say What” by S.I.T.H. (Sick In The Head) (Prod. by razorSHARPE).  This video was shot by D.Vision aka iNTeLL (Son of Wu-Tang’s U-God)

The only thing I can say about this track is that I wish it was longer! On the flip side, shorter tracks like this and “Black Leopard” only make me more eager for the release of S.I.T.H.’s upcoming Doctor-Patient EP which is set drop Sept 1st.  Be on the lookout!

#HipHop #FoundingFathers
#DJKoolHerc, #AfrikaBambaataa #GrandmasterFlash (at FB.com/OutabodiXp)

#HipHop #FoundingFathers
#DJKoolHerc, #AfrikaBambaataa #GrandmasterFlash (at FB.com/OutabodiXp)

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